Clay Tagines

This is the most authentic type of tagine, and is generally hand made from heavy clay and left in a natural fired state or hand-painted using food safe paints and glazes.

Whilst this sort of tagine is made from cookable clay, care needs to be taken when using a clay tagine to prevent cracking. This means seasoning your clay tagine before you first use it, and avoiding high temperatures by using low oven temperatures or a tagine heat diffuser for cook top use. A tagine works best as a slow cooker so this should not inhibit your use of the tagine.

The care that’s required with clay tagines is rewarded by the wonderful results they deliver. The clay used to manufacture tagines absorbs flavors so over time your meals will continue to develop increasingly delicious flavors.

Moroccan Cooking Tagine 10.25 inch wide

Cooking Tagine 10.25 inch wide ,by Treasure Of Morocco

  • Authentic handcrafted Moroccan tagine
  • Can be used in an oven or cooktop with a heat diffuser

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 Le Souk Serving Tagine, Honey Design

Le Souk Ceramique Tagine, Honey Design

  • Beautiful red earthenware hand-painted tagine
  • Designed for serving

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Le Souk Sabrine Design 12 Inch cookable Tagine, Black and White

Le Souk Ceramique Sabrine Design 12 Inch cookable Tagine, Black and White

  • Hand made and hand painted in Tunisia
  • Cookable clay for oven or low temperature cooktop use

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Moroccan Large Tagine

Moroccan Large Tagine

  • Extra large 12 inch tagine
  • Made in Morocco
  • Can be used on any cooking surface

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